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Eat together💕❤️


Swim together




Go on holiday trip


Hold hands


Annoy the members, Haha that's my specialty, annoying people


Annoys the member😂


Eat together


Annoys the member haha ok😂💜💜


Annoys the


Sleep togheter


Dye hair together


Lie on the beach 😍 yessss~~~


We are going to make selfies for instagram that is soooo romantic lol😂😂😂


Swim togeter


Holiday trip 😱 💭😴💤


Eat together.....omfg i thought it was "eat each other"


kiss, but nooo I'm the wife of jin😂😭


Sleep together 😲😲


Eat together


Sleep together


Eat together😍




Dye hair together XD I would everything for Jimin 💗


Make selfies for instagram-


Annoys the members 😂😁


Sleep together


Lie on the beach... Beach? Bitch? 😆😆😆


Swim togegher


I get lie on the beach


Make selfies for intagram😮


Swim together


Go on holiday trip

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