I think they saw a bird... 🐶🐤


@grcmll look up look up 😍😍


buchokikays @axelauu


😍😍😍 beautiful!!!


So beautiful~😍😍😍


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Sooo very sweet 😍❤️💕👍


@bodie_the_bernese Thanks Bodie! ❤️❤️


@piperonee Thanks Piper!! ❤️


@novasberner Ahhh!! THANKS Nova! ❤️🐾🏔


Perfection! So sweet!


Awesome photo!!


Omgggg my HEART! Y’all are so precious 😩😭😍


So cute!!!😍😭


Oh my gosh, this is the cutest!! 😍


Holy heck I love this so much


This is the cutest thing ever!


Summit it such a perfect Berner name.


Is doesn’t get any cuter than this!!

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