VuThéara Kham

Self Portrait, Paris

12,411 Paris, France



J’ai failli croire que c’était la reine Elizabeth 😂😂😂😂superbe photo 😊




It's the Queen in disguise 😃⭐️


I like your pictures a lot!


Adoro suas fotos! 😍




I see you(●°u°●)​ 」


Fresh content!! 😎❤︎💯👌




Great capture!


Nice shot!


C’est très branché!




I see an amazing photographer 😍




Awesome pic 😍😍




Thanks to the glass !




I wish photographers would ask permission from the subject before posting these types of pictures. Privacy is dead




Quelle atmosphère ✨😍. Je peux être tranquille 😊


Ohh vovó tomando café 👏👏👏👏


So very nice ❤️


@alenanefedova в нашу копилку 😉


Très joli !


Always love your picture.


Amazing photo! It really sticks out in my feed!




Such a brilliant shot!! I love the retro qualities!


Hermosa imagen!


So sweet... looks like she’s having a beer ?


You took the good picture, she took the good drink


Top 😊👏🏻


j’adore ce genre de reflet !


Beautiful! This is a great shot!

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