@findingbeautyinthepain exactly! You can't just steal people's pictures, and not tag them. This page is exploiting disabled people for likes and follows and it's disgusting. If the page was asking people if they would mind being featured, and then actually tag them, the page would be a good opportunity for advocacy and awareness. But at the moment it's the opposite.


@chronicallymabel I came here to say the same thing!! These people seem really cool, and I would love to follow many of them, but they aren’t tagged. 😩😢
@mydisability As a disabled and chronically ill person, I know that a lot of us have to physically push our bodies to go out and get nice pictures. Picking out an outfit, getting dressed, doing hair, and doing my makeup takes a lot out of me too, and I know I’m not the only one. I LOVE when pages share my photos and tag me, but I don’t like when people don’t give me credit for my work. Why not make friends and help people grow their pages by tagging them instead of making enemies? @chronicallymabel asked you 7 weeks ago to start tagging people in their pictures and videos and you still haven’t. 😫😰


@chronicallymabel ok thanks you so much and im sorry


I know you're trying to do a good thing by sharing posts about disabilities. But, you really need to ask permission from people to use their images, and you should be tagging sources. Otherwise you're basically just taking images, with no background story, and using disabled people to get likes. If you post stories from each person and tag them though (all with permission), then you could really be doing a great thing by creating connections within the community ❤️

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