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We go on holiday this weekend and we are very excited! But as I was making the final checks and preps I just wanted to share with you the last minute things I do before I close the front and head off for my hols!
β›± I make sure there is nothing in the fridge that is going to go off. .
β˜€οΈI empty the bin and clean it out. If I am going away for more than a week I will take the bins bags to the rubbish dump or double bag the bins. .
πŸ–I make sure that the washing basket is empty. This does two things it stops the washing going smelly whilst I am away and leaves an empty washing basket for your return. .
πŸ›₯I leave the washing machine drum door open, to allow to air. .
✈️I run the hottest cycle on the dishwasher and use a dishwasher cleaner. I leave the door open. .
πŸ‰ This was a tip from a fellow TeamTOMM member. Place a small container in your freezer and fill the container with water. Once it is frozen, put a coin on top of the frozen water. This means that if the freezer defrosts (maybe due to a power cut) then the water will defrost and the coin will sink to the bottom. This way you know that the food may have potentially spoiled. .
β›·I tell the bank that I will be using the cards abroad.




@annabadoobies2 well no because we’ve got a house sitter πŸ˜‚


Cleaning for the burglars as I like to call it


These tips are great we go away for 2 weeks and I have been emptying bins etc and washing to leave an empty basket. I’m cleaning the fridge as we speak to keep it clean. I try to make sure I have things like toilet paper for when we are back! I am the same all washing is bundled so it can go straight in the machine! Great tips thanks xxxx


@little.linz_ I do this too! Saves lots of time when you get home x


@little.linz_ I do the exact same thing - whites/lights/darks and unworn. Makes the unpacking so easy!! I even do this if we go away for the weekend πŸ™„ x


@little.linz_ not sad at all, I do that too. It eases the blrugh of holiday washing!


@little.linz_ I do that! Though this year we had a washer and dryer on the campsite so I did the washing before we came home!


I fill the washing up bowl with boiling water just before we leave and add a generous amount of zoflora, I also go around with my zoflora spray bottle and spritz everything I need to (curtains, rugs, cushions, bathroom mats, carpeted floors etc) so the smell is super strong. Our house is very old and previous tenants left it in such an awful state that if it’s not lived in it still gets a slight musty smell. You don’t really smell the zoflora, especially after a two week break, but it seems to stop the weird smell and keeps everything fresh while we’re away


Great tips! Especially love the freezer water and coin tip! Have to remember that for our next getaway πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


Wondered if you do a prep for holiday/camping checklist to take? How to pack etc?? Have fun xxx


@little.linz_ nope that’s genius πŸ’ͺ


When I'm packing up at the END of my holiday, I bundle the dirty clothes into washing machine 'loads' - whites, brights, darks, etc. So once I'm home, they can go straight into the machine. Is that a bit sad?!


Great tips


@lets_get_organised I do this too 🀩 that way I can get local meal inspo πŸ™Œ loads of the recipes in my blog have been thought up whilst on my hols


I love ordering an online shop from the side of the pool - usually to arrive the morning after we get home just in case we have any travel delays


Have a fantastic time πŸ– Xxx


Omg that last one is genious! πŸ‘Œ


Some good tips. Also fill the paddling pool up with water and stand all your garden pots and hanging baskets in the water whilst you’re away! πŸ™ŒπŸ»


Have a well deserved break lovely lady πŸ₯‚ xxx


Got to have fresh sheets! I also mop the floor on the way out. Empty fridge for sure. Clean bin. Also bleach down the loo while I am gone. Clean washing basket. Also I order a small food shop to be delivered that evening I return with milk etc so I don’t have to go out and we have some dinner to cook that’s fresh.


How awesome! Thank you


I also put new sheets on beds- nothing like coming home to fresh sheets!!!


I also run round putting bleach down the loo before we leave so can sit and work it’s magic !!


@jordanawheeler the WiFi situation is a worry of mine too πŸ˜‚


Awesome. Like the dishwasher idea. The others are always on my list. I also check the bank accounts as i always worry there may not be wifi and i wouldn't have access to online banking.


@tori_b84 this is the lady I mentioned x


@rosielea205 GOOD question!! No I haven’t because the ones I’ll miss are outside space and misc room. So I think I can let these ones slide. BUT if it was kicthen for example I’d catch up when I got back x


Dear wise @the_organised_mummay I ask you, seeing as you are away for a week, have you already done Friday focus for next Friday?


Omg that freezer tip is brilliant! πŸ™βœ¨


@selfae77 it’s a good one!!


I like the coin tip!

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