Mmm mmm goood 😍🍃💜


@jojo.rei yummmmmmmmy!!!


@vixtourious_ shout me if you fancy a drive over there one evening for a takeaway


@msjojobaybee I never say no to food🙂


@its_kaley_x Aww we definitely need to go there 🙌🏽


@msjojobaybee ahh you've been before aswell 🙂 I've been once and the food was 👌🏽😍 I had the platter too lol


@its_kaley_x Omg!! Yes this is the place. I think I got the platter 😍


@msjojobaybee Is this the same place you have mentioned to @timbo_ldn 😍




@ccharmedia that looks yum!!! Next road trip is there xx


@iomenai I love plantain too!! I’ll show u food is gd meatless lol


@rebeccakharrazi haha I’ll come for sure, questioning the eating part. But I do love plantain!


@iomenai will u come n help me eat this


@camila_campuzano hahaha yes! I was actually checking out their menu online the other day 🤤


@denmikaela we have to go here on Sunday


@denmikaela we have to go here on Sunday


@denmikaela we have to go here on Sunday


@champagnepatty__ this is the nicest food I’ve ever had 👌🏽




@plant_based_jen OMG!!! That plate is massive 😍


@shermashermz the vegan Caribbean in Brixton village


OMG I love this, are you open tomorr


@sojie5star when mi land first stop again.


@kingcobrachris nooooooo EXCITED!!!!


@_focus_ms_blanco yessss!!!! We have to goooo! Woop! Not sure.. maybe end August or if not then next half term holls 😁🎉

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