#ad “We had a #Howling good time seeing the #AlphaMovie last night! The movie comes out this Friday at a theater near you! I highly suggest you see it in 3D! How many of you are planning on going to see Alpha this Friday?” writes @gonetothesnowdogs
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I saw Alpha on Thursday August 24th and I loved Alpha so so so so much And Kodi and Chuck bond was so so so so strong and Kodi was so so so so amazing as Keda and Chuck was So so so so amazing as Alpha!❤️💜💛🧡💚


@vitangcol21 ako yung stuffed puppy 😂😂😂


@nissylara thats you! :D leader


I went and saw that with my friend on Saturday and I think that's the cutest movie ever made

Love your gallery! Take a look at ours! 👍👍👍


My owners name is Alpha 💕


@agent.pooperbear I am going to guess all variety of tears lol

AMAZING!! This movie captured so much 💖


your|Very nice} photo<3


Woof it out loud boy!


⛄️C’est ton jackpot 🔥


Just saw it today, definitely cried. Good movie though.


🐾 Rufff! I won’t eat anymore slippers if you follow me ;-; love you all! 🐾


Hey anyone interested in a pet fashion show in LA




Very good movie you will enjoy it


Wonderful gala screening today!


Great except for all the subtitles...


These dog-doll pics are the best 😭


Loved it! Warmed my ❤️


Been waiting for this movie since last year. they changed the release date several times. Finally watched it yesterday and looooved it! The sublime landscape and warm trusting bond between the characters touched me so much. But The nerd side of me can’t help but thinking if this was a RPG game. He would be such a weak character with super low HP, defense and attack. Everybody can kill him with one hit. Then ended up being a powerful high MP summoner. Lol


DYING to see this movie!


Seeing it tomorrow in imax 3d!


Watching it tonight!! 🐼🐾


What's it about?


@alishadenyse testing the hypothesis


Going to go see it today! Can’t wait!

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