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Photo by @edkashi Views of a sprawling new suburban area of Istanbul, Turkey on March 14, 2011. Turkey's economic boom has been particularly good to real estate in Istanbul, as seen in this new suburb. With the current economic crisis engulfing Turkey, which one can only hope will subside and not cause more harm to this incredible country, this scene is not as pretty as it seems.

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Yakın çekim yapılarak bu düşünceye varmak hata olur,Türkiye nin incisi dir İSTANBUL


Looks cool 😎




Turkish banks and developers financed their economic boom with dollars, which devalued their own currency to a tiny fraction of its former value. Greed made this happen, and it's not a Turkish trait, but a human one. The economic collapse will domino to other financial markets- only time will tell how hard the rest of the world is hit.


@manelgaires parece um desenho


@gundoganla uzaktan belli oluyor kimin satılmış orrospunun pezrwenk evladının olduğu


@emre571_1453 senin gibi satilmis orospu cocuklarina aciklama yapmaya gerek yok


@gundoganla kes lan sesini godok. Gezide ülke ekonomisinin anasını ağlattınız. Yavşaklar sizi


@robin_jasmine yup on a much smaller scale


@asyouare_h It’s actually bad. You know this real estate boom never ends well. But it’s funny natgeo sharing my neighborhood haha


@begumdumlu no way?? You living that lavish life?


Ya inadinami yapiyosun bi kerede beni hayal kirikligina ugratma ya offff @ozcan__kaya


@asyouare_h that view is 100 ft away fr my apt lol


@july_arrioja no ma sí 💓 todavía tengo algunas fotos jiji


@hpomen.exe_attack_heli maybe you are the one who is brainwashed? I live in Turkey. I saw all politicans and their works in Turkey. Turkish people sees how great leader he is. And half of Turkey votes him. And what you know about him? Dont watch TV too much. You dont know how was Turkey before and now. We are the who lives in it.


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Allah'ın yardımıyla biz kazanacağız


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@_velvetgoldmind_ You can't understand what I mean. Timing...


@bihtersakin @zetapus she is just a racist. Like other europian people.


@ncycnr They have shown those photos in previous issues. Grow up!!!!


@tsm_abdu he is just a moron nothing more

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