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The dance known as The Lindy Hop (also called swing dance or jitterbug) is celebrated at a 5-week long dance camp in Sweden. At the weekly ‘Savoy night’, dancers from countries across the world pay tribute to a style of dance that originated in Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom during the 1930s, dancing through the night to the music of great band leaders like Count Basie and Duke Ellington. Dancers at The Herräng dance camp also follow courses or ‘tracks’ in blues, jazz, tap and balboa -all styles that have their roots in African American dance culture. Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning is fondly remembered with a street named after him in the small village that hosts the camp. Another of the original Savoy dancers, Norma Miller returned aged 99 to tell stories from a life shaped by jazz music.

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Super picture geest music🔊🎺🎷🎹🎸


@nickcobbing How sweet you are 💝 Thank you for your kind words of support! I appreciate knowing who the comment belongs to, of course, a ballerina, too! Love it! Yes, here's to remission, and being a lucky one, fortunate to continue living and loving! 🙏 I did walk with a cane for 19mos, started during chemo. I ditched it when I went to lunch with girlfriends on my 65th Birthday, lol! I am now 69 and still a force!


@buckynumber1 Lovely quote -I think it’s from ballerina, Vicky Baum. Thanks so much for this comment. I admire your courage to enjoy pictures of others dancing, even when you can no longer dance. Congrats on beating your cancer -here’s to a life in remission.


@lorenzofeliciphoto mando il CV? 😂🤣😂


@ianjmiller98 hahah you remembered your lines!


@ianjmiller98 hahah you remembered your lines!


@tbarry8 “I’m not gonna let u lindy hop out of my life!”




@cleopietra andata! Team sciuscià pronto!


Ahorraré durante 10 años pero voy a irr 😜


@badnamy fffffff ! Si inizia sempre dalla gavetta!


Cool post!


@cleopietra no no ha ragione, quelli seri veri. Noi al massimo possiamo andare a lustrargli le scarpe a bordo pista


Lindy and jitterbug are not the same dance


@robbipoteet they celebrate ME at a 5 week dance camp?? In Sweden?! Haha 😆 I always loved swing music 🎶


"There are shortcuts to happiness in life. And dancing is one of them!" Not sure who said that but it has been motto since I heard it at least 15years ago! Unfortunately, 6yrs ago, chemo for breast cancer, permanently damaged nerves in my legs, and took away the one great, constant love in my life....Dancing. 💔 Wow, what a great thing for at age 99, Norma Miller, one of the originals, to travel and be here for this! Just amazing! Good for her! 💘🌞💕


@the4ellaments, want to go to Sweden?


@gustinabrenda Yes! "There are shortcuts to happiness in life. And dancing is one of them!"


@volpino su su un po’ di autostima!


@cleopietra è L’evento per i Lindy hoppers di tutto il mondo .. quelli seri però, non come me 😜


Go there! Fantastic place and fantastic dance💃💃


@sgtpepperbean. My Lindy Hop. 😂


Wow amzing colour and momen like your eyes


Nic 😂 😂 😂


@pretty_noda it's called low shutter Photography



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