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Photo by @CarltonWard | It is an incredible feeling to look into the eyes of a bear at ground level in its native habitat. This Florida black bear was one of the first I photographed while focusing on the research that ultimately inspired the #FloridaWildlifeCorridor campaign. I was following biologist Joe Guthrie (@joeguthrie8) on foot as he stalked towards this female bear with a dart rifle in a bay head forest on the Hendrie Ranch in Highlands County. The Highlands-Glades Bear Project was a collaboration between University of Kentucky and @ArchboldStation. Joe’s professor David Maehr, who was lost in a plane crash tracking a missing black bear with rancher Mason Smoak, often made the point that there would be no bears in that part of Florida without the proactive stewardship of ranchers. GPS tracking showed that bears traveled as far as 500 miles across a patchwork or ranches, groves and public preserves that keep the Northern Everglades connected for wide ranging wildlife. Through research, bears have shown us what we need to do to save the Corridor, and in that way are preparing the path of recovery for the Florida panther as it reclaims historic territory northwards out of the Everglades. #PathofthePanther @FL_WildCorridor #floridawild #keepflwild#bear #forest #conservation #florida#wildlife @myfwc @natgeo @insidenatgeo




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Living in the White Mountains of NH I have felt the chill of those eyes face to face. It's one thing to watch a bear from the safety of your home and a completely different story when there's nothing else around you but trees and luck.


The Florida Black Bear. Thanks for sharing



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