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Golden Morning | Photograph by Weng Sang Wong
The early morning sun bathes Mandalay, Myanmar, in golden light. #YourShotPhotographer Weng Sang Wong was not completely sure what kind of image he would capture when he got up that morning for this shot. “I reached the top of the mountain in the early morning without knowing what would happen next," he says. "Luckily, I saw the sunrise turning the blue sky into a crimson color, and then the amazing golden sunlight appeared."

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The future's not ours to see 👻


Truly golden, how beautiful is this 👏🏼


Glorious 😎

Nice shot!!! 👍


Majestic shot




Shine !!!


Amazing sunrise....😍😍😍😍📸




Golden city🕌✨




Beautiful Landscape 😍


@vathanak_bonbon that’s lovely!!




This is absolutely beautiful congratulations


@blissfulvoyages this is so similar!!!!


Amazing capture 🙂👌🏼




@_angelafabrizio how beautiful is this


great shot📸📸


@blissfulvoyages Ah! We need a lot of fog for this man!


A keen photographer.


Wow!!! 🌅🌅🌅

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