Jill Vidal

不知道還有多少機會可以這樣一起表演,所以很珍惜很珍惜每一次我和我孖生家姐在台上台下的時間。謝謝你中山!給我們這麼多的愛♥️I cherish every moment. Thank you @thekooples for dressing me up.




Miss you so much


forever 😘


Support forever.


Love you both so much!


Jill keep going . Love u


U just made my day !!


Very good 😃








Keep singing for us !! 🙏


We love you so much for over 10 years!Keep going dear❤️


Thank you come to ZhongShan 😙JillJill


Your chinese is progessing👍👍


I cherish you too 😝😘😘😘

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