Conrad Carbaugh-Duarte

Raising a dog is like raising a child, it requires a lot of time, attention, and they play around a lot.
Raising a cat is like raising a teenager, they’re growing more independent and don’t listen as much.😂 Cat walks are far more patient.
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Hey, I'm going to stop trying to vilify people when things don't go my way. I realize I agree with the whole people aren't all good/bad and I'd just like to thank you for sharing that perspective and I'm going to implement it


@himseely thanks for being nice about it. Means a lot. Have a good day!


@himseely no problem. Asking first resolves unneccesary issues


@rxshella I’d prefer not. Thank you though.


Hey, is it cool if I send you articles and stuff of things I think you might like?

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