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This is a real photo of an approximately 8 TON Orca Whale, breaching a whole 15 Feet into the air in order to catch prey it had been stalking.
Photo by © Christopher Swann
via @ourplanetdaily




I did realize that Orca could “fly”! Amazing photo❤️


Timing is incredible of this photograph


I feel a bit sorry for the prey


Wow. Qué fotografía


What a fascinating site to behold, the site of nature goes straight to my soul; this is more precious than diamond and gold.


@mr.maxlamenace j’avoue c’est abusé! Proportionnellement même Renaud Lavillenie est mauvais alors qu’il a une perche 😅


@perrin0ux n’empêche, comme dit dans l’article,
8 tonnes 😱
Tu as vue le hauteur du saut ? 😱


Incredible 😍✌🏼


I love this one too, incredible 💙




wow boleh join lompat tinggi ni




I believe i can fly 🎼


@justinonorato 🤦🏻‍♀️


Wow huge air


Una maquina de cazar


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@m.visger this is so nuts!!! How cool! I had a dream just the other night with 2 orcas in it. It was a crazy beautiful dream. I love you momma!!


Unreal 😍


This is insane!!!


@sergiotufano não...olha o peso dela e olha a altura que ela pulou...ver isso ao vivo deve ser incrível


Massive power jump




Omg I would love to see that in the wild. It’s on my bucket list. Absolutely awesome ✅✅

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