young ho kim

Part 1.
Leaving Greece for now. Just got this beautiful video from my trip to #Beijing last month.
Most hardest part of my life is the transition day like today....but videos like this reminds me why I am doing what I am doing.
Thank you @victor_morethan_yoga for creating such a great video.
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So so so so schön!!


I wish i could attend your training once in my life


Great!! 😊👍😊👍


@myfuntone you are awesome!! Thank you for a magical week!


You are just awesome 🙏🏼


@anastasiaalexandridi looking forward to see you next time! You literally create magic in your class!!


Great job as always!!!!!


Very interesting video my friend!!!!


@luciano_mottola1 it was a pleasure to meet you in Greece!! Keep doing what you are doing! #createmagic #wowwowwowwow 😂😂😂


@antontodorov thank you!! Hope to see you soon in frankfurt. Wish you a beautiful day in paradise!


U look amazing master KIM !!!!!


What amazing inspiration for us my friend 👏🏻

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