Laura Aldridge

On the days where I can’t quite find the energy to pull paintings together, (aka TODAY..), these little ornaments have been my go-to project. Happy to share that I’m building up a decent-sized collection this year!
These will go up for sale locally at #crozetartsandcraftsfestival , and then again at #artcho .. AND once those two events are finished, I’ll be listing them online for anyone else who’d like to grab a few.
And lastly, on a non-art note.. yesterday we went in for our anatomy scan and found out our little baby is a BOY!! Austin has been claiming it’s going to be a boy since day one, and turns out he was right! 💙
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Congratulations! The ornaments are adorable!


All of these look so cute ❤️ I just started painting on wooden coasters too and love the results


Congratulations. Nice work


Congratulations ❤️🌷❤️🌷


Congratulations 🎉🙂

@everydaybuddha it doesn’t always work for me, but trying to spend a little bit of creative time between rest :)


So smart to have a “default” plan to keep on being creative

@jennifercockcroft thank you Jennifer! And thank you :)


These are so cute!!


These are so gorgeous Laura! And congratulations on your little boy! 💙

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