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Monsoon Green | Photograph by Mainak Ray (@mainak.ray)
“Rains are heavier now, the forest is greener, the undergrowth is thicker and the predators are stealthier,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Mainak Ray. “A late evening hide and seek with this beauty from the woods of southern India.”

“This is so awesome Mainak. I am glad you were using a 500mm lens, because at least you have the safety of distance between you and the tiger because I love the intensity of its stare, I feel it watching me. I love that it is partially hidden behind the vegetation, I feel myself being stalked. And then I wonder, are there other tigers in the forest that I can't see who are also tracking my movements...” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)
This photo was submitted to our “Explore Your State” assignment, curated by Your Shot Senior Producer Matt Adams (@themattadams). To see more, go to our Instagram Story, and swipe up to share your visual stories.






My spirit animal


@natgeoyourshot thank you for featuring my photo. Hugely appreciated.


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Glorious image. Captivating. I’m shitscare but I also want to be there. Maybe on its back.


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Strangely enough, it's eyes look somehow innocent


This looks stunning capture 😍🐯😍🍃👌


Angry predator


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