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Nusa Penida Island - Indonesia 😍😍😍
Picture by ✨✨@karl_shakur✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️

168,826 Nusa Penida



@sebaztian_ OUIIIIIII INDONÉSIE 😍❤️🇮🇩


@poune.jg OH MY GGAAWWDD


@watersmason1 I’m so distracted


Wonderful 💙


@singh_saum yes u can also go to Labuan Bajo or Komodo Island near this too, ofc Bali near too


@joschmann80 next u must travel to Raja Ampat or Komod Island or Wakatobi in Indonesia


@gal_sezon yes u can go to Wakatobi, Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island, Raja Ampat, Jakarta, Bandung, Makasar, Batam, Lake Toba, n many more




ITS wonderful island....i luv my country...


@moishdaddy I think it’s semi close to where we are the first week






Wonderful picture 😍
If you want, check out my photos 📷


thanks for sharing❤️ what a photo


Best photo 🤩🤩




That blue!!! 🔥👍💕




Great picture 😍


Wow 💚🌊💙


Beautiful coast




Indonesia is breathtaking for sure !








Amazing shot! 🤩 we love the deep colours


@sarahvierg__ only just saw this! ahhh so gorgeous



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