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The Gaunlet | Photograph by Douglas Croft (@douglascroftimages)
“Brooks Falls is the centerpiece of Katmai National Park in Alaska. We were there in July during the height of the summer salmon runs, and it did not disappoint!,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Douglas Croft. “Brooks Falls is a natural barrier for the fish on their way to spawn and the bears gather there to catch and eat salmon, and fatten up for the winter. Truly an amazing place.”

“We have seen a lot of images of Grizzly bears at Brooks Falls, but this one made us stop for a moment. The bears focus enormously on the fishing — you can feel the tension in the air… And all of them look in the right direction, forming a nice composition around the waterfall.” — @natgeo photographers Orsolya & Erlend Haarberg (@haarbergphoto)




What an incredible photo! 🙌🏼💥


So cool!


i would love to see this @tom_monckton1


Super cool!


Amazing 😍


Awesome picture! Check out our page 🌲⛺️




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It should read "The Gauntlet"


Awesome shot.


@ellenbernst 💗💗💗yes miss all of you guys, and our roomies. Hugs Ellen🤗🤗


Community Bearth House


@desiremensnyder miss these beauties and group and roommate friends.


@kimshouck agree; miss these beauties and group friends


@erose_travels so glad that I was able to share these times with the bears and our group.


@erose_travels , Yes! Miss those 🐻🐻! Miss our Alaska friends!


Awesome shot


Wow. I thought crocs are hectic. But i think bears take the cake


My boys just bein boys




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Can you say “photo of the year?” Doug, if I ever cross paths with you I’d like to shake your hand - outstanding image !That moment is magically breathtaking. I couldn’t have dreamed it up as good as you captured it.


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@ohmz_i we named one of them after our Lab :-)


@james.tharakan they have quite loud squabbles over the prime fishing spots. Most of them carry quite a few scars as a result

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