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Photo by @mmuheisen | 21-month-old Afghan refugee Anna Rahmoni sleeping under a mosquito net outside her family's tent in a camp north of Athens. Nobody leaves their home unless they’re forced to leave their home. -
“Since 1990, the world has cut child mortality in half—a truly stunning feat. But behind that statistic are stories like Anna’s. She reminds us that our work is far from done. Every child, everywhere, deserves to live a life that is healthy, safe, and full of potential.” – @melindafrenchgates




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I’ll adopt one just atleast one we can save gods work always amen


Amazing !!


@mayesmaher مستحيل الشبه 😍😍


En çok hangi ilimizde araba vardır? Kars. @hiicokomikk


Not a care in the world, gotta love the peace in the soul


I help I heal i listen.


So beautiful. Wish her and hers the best of luck


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Thats true. I hope better life😇


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What you just said made no sense at all. F.Y.I humanity is one of the fundamentals of religion and race has nothing to do with this.@cassy.joe.7


Dragi mali anđeo, što prije pronađu svoj raj!

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