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Photo by @beverlyjoubert: Two rhinoceroses stand side by side under the Botswana sun. #sunset #rhinos #okavangodelta #silhouettes

55,126 Delta de l'Okavango



keep going ...




The final sun is going down on rhinos :(


Stunning 👍


You guys should post @aleolivieris pics!


Hilarious 🍏💥🍕🍳🍳🍳 comment back pls, let`s be a friends


Классный кадр


@arindamdas9707 yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy6y6yyyyyyyyyyyyyyp


I like this shot👌






Beautiful photo!! 😍❤👍




Excelente foto.!!!




Great capture! Love the silhouette and sun flare 🔥




ah this is stunning

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