sara fried

How much freedom do you have in your life?💫⁣

A few years ago we worked long hours, weekends, holidays, you name it... #athletictrainerlife

We couldn’t watch college football game day 🏈. ⁣
We couldn’t coach our son’s baseball team ⚾️. ⁣
We hadn’t made a dent in our student loan debt 💰. ⁣
We took one vacation a year if we were lucky ✈️. ⁣

Freedom is doing what you like, when you want, & with whom you want✨. ⁣

We don’t work weekends anymore unless it’s something fun we genuinely want to do. ⁣

We are two people very happy to go to work each day because we love what we do but it doesn’t consume ALL of our time either. Our workdays typically end around 2:30pm. We just took a family trip & are planning the next two. ⁣

I made fitness my business. I work from anywhere I want & around my family’s schedule📱. ⁣

I invite you to link arms with me & join the other women on our team that are creating FREEDOM for their families. From full time PTA —> part time PTA. I’m not burnt out at my job because I have the freedom to be home a lot too. If you need more freedom in your life too click the link in my bio💕. ⁣My passion is paying this forward☺️. .⁣
Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success. You earn your success. It’s not given. ⁣

96 Mancos, Colorado


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