I get asked quite often how I became flexible or how to start yoga and the best answer I can give is to become aware of your body.
The way you sit, stand, walk..
Alot of people say they don't have the time to do it or they aren't made to do it or they aren't flexible enough or how will yoga alone shape me or will it really help me lose weight?
I was one of these people.
I get it.
But once you are aware of the way you are sitting and how it affects so much of your body and realize you have the time to sit differently and stretch it out, you need to act on it.
So do it because I'm telling you so now you know. 😉
I truly stretch everywhere and anywhere almost all of the time. I'm not perfect by any means but I try my best to just be aware.
And you can make almost anything a stretch.
You can activate your muscles with every movement and act as if you are meant to be where you are. .
Activate your abs when turning, squat or tighten your glutes when you bend over,
lift your kid 10 times, (make them count to practice)
do a light back bend with that early morning yawn,
and for heavens sake touch, your toes people.
Touch them. Do this often.
Love your body.
It's beautiful.
It's a temple. It's important.
It effects everything.
Your mood, posture, sleep habits, health..
You are blessed beyond measure to be able to use it and live this life. Act like it. Treasure every moment you get to stand and every step you take.
And not just your kids are watching but other kids who aren't yours are watching you.
I know I was watching other adults other than my parents and alot of them inspired me.
I knew nothing about yoga, had no gym, no sitter, no equipment, no guide.
I just started stretching and to the point of small discomfort.
Leaving me sore the next day and needing to stretch again.
You can do this too and your body will thank you.
I thank you.
You look great when you love yourself. 😘
oh and the, 'if this is you, try this' was inspired by @janiceliou 😍😍
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