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Slay all day! 🙌🏼

Oh man, today’s workout totally reminded me that there are different kinds of “fit.” I consider myself fairly fit when it comes to body-weight or strength HIIT workouts, but I just did a CARDIO HIIT workout and I was dying. Haven’t had to hit pause on a workout that many times in forever 💦

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Way to totally crush your fitness goals💪🏻


Love a good workout like that!


Yassss you slay girl!!!


Haha I’m the exact same 😂 any kind of running or ab workouts and I’m dead !




@laurenravan thanks! It’s from @flexitpink 💕


Hott stuff!!!💙


Love your shirt!!


@megansullivan aw thanks girlie! You too 😘


You slay all damn day!🔥😍



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