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Ballad of a Belle by Rahul Tushar @rahultusharauthor
The title of the book and the cover are very beautiful.
This book started with a small town girl named Aarti who is a very lively and joyous young woman of eighteen. But this book ends with a different Aarti, who is not only a survivor of several traumatic experiences, but also a very changed and matured young independent woman who built herself from scratch. She overcomes the obstacles that life brings her to achieve her goals. Aarti is a very interesting character, she did make a big mistake in her life once but other than that she is an inspiration for young woman and teaches them to make something out of their life and never lose hope as there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Tushar has described the post traumatic experience of Aarti very well and the characters are very diverse.
This book has been great at portraying the dark side of society. Overall this book was a big page turner and had me hooked from the starting. Thanks Mr Tushar for this review copy. Quite a read.
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