Averie Cole

“It's cool how when I look at these photos, I'm almost instantaneously brought back to all of these precious moments. It's really cool that when I look at these photos, my heart begins to swell with mad feels. My mind starts to fill up with words and thoughts, I find myself in the best of places. Places where time is moving super slow and all I can think about is how I’ve made it to where I am. How I’m a culmination of all my relationships, decisions, mistakes, moments and so many more things. Moments before this moment my older brother helped me put on this sherwani. Moments before that I got to stand and be in a gathering with literally almost all of the people that I love and keep super close to my heart. We stood and took pictures for minutes but it felt like forever. I was in a garden of sun with literally all my favorite people....Low key, felt like I was in a movie and me and the hero just did something dope, @taniislam you are my hero.I felt super excited and couldn’t wait for the actual wedding to start, these moments were calm and quiet but super happy.
Always going to try and keep searching for these super calm and happy times. May we always find ourselves on the still but moving river, staring off into the distance, looking at the beauty of our surroundings” @safipls
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