Kotila Ayodeji Dax

Hey listen... watching shark tank yesterday and after a woman finished her pitch despite how long she's been in the business, her experience, her exposure, her investment because she went ahead to say that she sold part of her 401k to establish the business, but bebecause her sale is not convincing, hey all have to walk out of the deal and that was when @mcuban said, "You're not in business if you're not selling". Selling is the backbone on every business. That's what makes you successful as a business owner. Sometimes, the experience you have, the college degree, partners don't count but your sales. You're a loser if you don't sell, not just but also sell big. If all you sell is just enough to sustain you, it won't help your business because there wouldn't be fund available to take care and grow the business... "Learn to sell, guarantee yourself a successful life"

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