GIFs by @martinamartian
For Martina Martian (@martinamartian), GIFs aren’t just a form of art, they’re a mood-lifter. “Even the dullest photo or the dullest conversation can be made more fun with a GIF,” says Martina, an artist from Sydney, Australia. When she started creating GIFs two years ago, they were heavily 80s and 90s inspired. “Only through creating every single day did I start to trust my own instincts as an artist and grow into my personal style,” she says.
Martina, who finds inspiration in everything from travel to conversations with friends, says the challenge in creating GIFs is keeping them simple while figuring how your audience is going to interact with them: “GIFs are used as a communication tool as well as something to look at. I like having to consider how someone would use the GIF on their own photos or conversations. It’s about communicating ideas and feelings vividly in just a few seconds.” Starting today, you can use GIFs in your Direct messages. Check out our story to learn more.




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