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Our October 2018 issue brings you across the Amazon basin where settlers, miners, illegal loggers, and drug traffickers threaten the survival of the last 50 to 100 isolated and uncontacted tribes—some 5,000 people in all. We focus on one little known tribe, the Awá. Under siege in eastern Brazil, and on recently contacted people in the remote forests of the southern Peru-Brazil borderlands. We show why the indigenous peoples’ rights group Survival International has called the Awá “Earth’s most threatened tribe.” Only 100 uncontacted Awá still roam as nomads, hunting with bows and arrows, gathering wild honey and nuts. How much longer can they remain apart? Photos by @chamiltonjames.




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We should all leave them be I hear everyone saying leave them be they don’t need to our help they lived many centuries ago till now we can’t just walked in and disturb gods beauty of life there not even imuned to diseases and technologies let them decide that for them selfs they deserve to decide they deserve to have their privacy there life’s we and America need to know that if they don’t want be discovered don’t look for them we alll need to stop putting pollutions and cities and cars ect to their lands and homes I’m Brazilian myself and I have friends and family there I went when I was like at a young age we fight to survive here in the United States or around the countries we people of nations need to stop being idiots and let things be and let god do his work and his plans god probably is not likeing things we’re doing now adays god is good let god work his work let him fulfill his work on earth we cannot stop gods doings and works we need to respect god and love his beauty of life and the things god created here on earth let us love our lord and the world god gave us


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Awá story by @sbwallace


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