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Don't forget to make sure your cats are protected from fleas and ticks this season! We carry Bravecto, which is a a topical flea and tick medication that is applied every 3 months for all of our feline friends #fleandtickprevention #cats #conejovet #petcare #bravecto




@townsleybev it’s roughly about $73 for the one application and doesn’t need to be reapplied for 3 months after


😺 😸


Muy efectivo!


Bravecto es lo mejor👌 para proteger nuestras mascotas


What is the price?


@kurlykc this is a prescription based flea and tick medication and highly recommend this over any over the counter medication. This is also good for 3 months instead of just 1


I’ve never heard from this brand. How how does it compare to advantage and frontline?

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