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I don’t even understand, let alone comprehend, how some people have the fucking nerve to even think about blaming Ariana for this. She had nothing to do with this and this is not her fault. This is something that he needed so much help with. He was very sick and we can’t say this is her fault because she tried so fucking hard to help him but it was just too much and she couldn’t do it. But NOW you little motherfuckers wanna say it’s HER fault because she ‘broke his heart when they broke up’ and ‘her breaking up killed him’ and on top of that, NOW you wanna threaten her?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?! Every single person is so sick and disgusting like honestly, how fucking DARE you say shit like this and threaten her life!!! Maybe Mac might’ve had a drug problem but everyone else has a fucking mental problem and you need some goddamn help!! Fuck all of you. (I also want her to know that I love her so VERY VERY VERY much and she needs so much love and support right now) @arianagrande @imabocagirl #weloveyou #arianagrande #imabocagirl #snapchat #weneedmorelove #morelove #macmiller #ripmacmiller #imsosorry #whyarewedoingthis #youdontdeservethis #whatthefuck #thisneedstostop #weloveyouariana #arianators #ranttime #sorryfortherant #notreally




I couldn't have said it better myself

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