Rachel Emerson

It’s National Suicide Prevent week and a topic that hits too close to home for my liking. I don’t have any beautiful words to make up some poetic post. Just my real life experience. Most people who know me, know of my struggle with depression and anxiety, but a lot do not. I have taken antidepressants since I was 15 years old. I’ve had a lot of up times and a lot of down times. I see a psychiatrist every few months and go to therapy 1-2 times a month. It’s still a daily struggle for me inside my head. Social media doesn’t always depict a realistic picture of people’s lives. Mental illness doesn’t care about your age, your race, your location, or your financial status. It can affect anyone. Please check on your friends, even the ones who seem happy and strong. Try to be kind and forgiving to others. You never know what someone might be going through. #nationalsuicideprevention #suicideawareness #suicideawarenessmonth #suicidepreventionweek #checkonyourfriends #projectsemicolon #sorryfortherant



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