Aspen Fuel UK

Our 2-stroke fuel made us famous but more and more users are switching to running their 4-stroke machines on Aspen 4.

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Benefit of useing Alkylate Petrols outweigh the cost in my opinion even in 4 stroke engines. No contamination in the petrol. No ethanol which does damage carburettors, fuel pipes, diaphrams. Even when doing oil changes the oil is much cleaner with Aspen, than the same hrs engine ran on unleaded. Burns so much cleaner. Leave the ethanol fuel in the engine over winter start first time. I agree the goverment should lower the duty on this fuel its better for the user, machine and the enviroment.


@reubensharpe luckily lawnmowers and other small engine machiner don't use much fuel so the cost can easily be justified for the many benefits Aspen offers over pump fuel. For business use, bulk discounts are available. Hopefully in the future, UK government will lower the excise duty for alkylate petrols too.


Shame it's so expensive!

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