@shanemcpounder Thank you brother in ready


You are what we call a 'real stand up guy' and we wish you the very best this weekend Josh. The world is watching you! Proud to be a fan...now go kill this!


Blessings Josh !! Knock it out of the park 🙌🙌


Josh great accomplishment just to be on that stage. Enjoy the moment. You worked hard to get there. Big inspiration to me Josh. Absolute best of luck Josh. Go kill it brother!!


Wish I could be there Josh. I'm super excited for you!! You've worked so hard and you deserve to be on that stage. You've come a long way ... I'll be watching you!!!!!!💪👍🏅🏆💯🙏❤


@forherkix I know we celebrate at home🎂


You are a true inspiration my friend!💪🏻👍🏻




So excited for you brother!


You deserve this moment Josh!! You work hard everyday and it shows in so many ways!! You are a winner!! Best of luck!!


So cool that I had the honor of featuring you in Flex and now you make it to the Olympia stage. Congrats.


You're a damn good man Josh! You are a big inspiration for a lot of people including me 🤘 I can't wait to see you Rock that stage big man!! I'm praying for you and your family my friend. Keep pushing🙏


Can’t wait to fly in Friday and support you bro!! @ifbbprojoshwade it’s been an amazing journey and very inspirational watching you since #tahoeshow2012 - #mrolympia2018 🙌🏻 💪🏻


So exciting Joshi!! Good luck, have fun, and rock that stage!!! 💙🙌🏼💯


I’m so excited for you ... go get it. Wish I could be there but I know TWF will be well represented 💪🏻


@kellylombardi26 Thank you Kell and happy to call you all family!


@kellylombardi26 Thank you Kell and happy to call you all family!


Go get it Josh! 👍🙏🏼💪




Awe yay josh!!!


Congratulations Josh you deserve to be on that stage and have worked so hard to get there! This is the best you have ever looked! Rich and I wish we could be there to support you, we will be cheering you on and we both wish you the best of luck! 👊🏻💪🏻🏋️‍♂️


Good luck Josh! Enjoy the moment!


Go get 'em! You have already won, Josh. Repping good ol GB, do us proud. :D


Local home grown makes it to the big stage!! So many many people celebrating your success, enjoy that stage you worked hard for it!!❤️


Best of luck Josh! Can’t wait to see your best.


@rickmz12 Thanks my dude!🙏🏻


Dude this is amazing! You put in all the work and manage to be an amazing family man at the same time! Hats off to you. @drsuzieq I and even Bella look forward to seeing you on stage.


@realvanillagorilla LOL I love it man thank you very much!!🙏🏻


We’re all behind you @ifbbprojoshwade Of course, no one can see us back here because you’re so freakishly WIDE 😜 Have the time of your life living out this dream pal, you earned every second of it 🏆 💪🏼


Good luck!


@kevink_allmax Thanks Kev, couldn’t be happier to have you in my corner this whole time! Cheers to a long partnership!!🥂


I love you baby enjoy the ride!


Super proud of you Josh, seeing your journey for so many years and how you never wavered from your goal to get to the Olympia stage is truly motivating. No doubt you will bring a ridiculous package to the stage and are going to blow people away this weekend, cant wait to see it 💪💪


Good luck buddy! Hope you kill it and have a blast!


@allieqdub Thanks girl the family will be there VIP also so you know I’ll be smiling ear to ear❤️


Yasssss! Let’s go 💪🏼


@bodybuilderswithoutborders Thanks brother and I appreciate your positivity and support!🙏🏻


Your enthusiasm is infectious! It’s a motivation for everything we do in life. Good luck Josh!

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