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On his 38th birthday, we bring back @yao’s @hoophall #NBAMixtape!




Why I am in the video (I think you don't give a f*ck about me)


This boy was unstoppable when healthy 😕🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Great player


15.7ppg 11.2reb 1.3ast 2blks if he played now


Great Wall of Houston


Remember nate robinson ?🤣🤣


@sevvy_k27 he kept breaking his feet.


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@bubba_kirgan95 ben wallace on a poster too Lol🔥


When I was younger I really loved him and watching the rockets in general especially with T Mac. But growing up and studying the history and watching in general I love noticed how overrated he is


2in vertical


@jaydarylelim yeah you’re right. Manute Bol would never have gone down as one of the most dominant centers ever. Georghe Muersan was the tallest player ever and was pretty healthy and he’s not considered in that top tier.


Yao can’t be 38


Every year adds to how early ppl forgot he retired due to health


The import that changed the game


Happy birthday


Yao was a finesse player. Very skilled and fun to watch but too often injured. People will just remember as the guy who got a billion vote for the allstar game lol


@richieyu1891 not true. He had a toe infection. It wasnt healing and he wouldve lost his foot if he didnt retire.


Just imagine how he would be without the injuries


He should’ve averaged 12 boards at least but only could get 9


Foot injuries killed the ending to what would have been long and great career.


@king_gordon11 good player. Never really reached his full potential because of injuries. When your 7ft6 it’s kinda hard to stay away from injuries especially if you’re playing basketball.


@ijwpb his numbers were good but ppl talk about him like hes one of the greatest which he isnt


Fuck he’s banterous and the Great Wall of Houston has gotta be one of the GOAT calls @perryhall96 @cam_merrick


2nd clip of the 1st vid it's James Harden 👀👀👀👀


I think I saw James Harden in the first vid.... 👀


@sports_breakdowns_ could you tell me everything about yao ming like i want to know so much more about him hes has been my favorite nba player ever i wish he still played tho


@darkemoninja barring injury hed go down as one of the most dominant centers ever forsure but not solely because of his height. Homeboy had a filthy midrange and his post footwork was unreal.


Shaq dap yao up real recognizes real 💯


where the clip when he got block by nate?


Seeing him and mj laughing made me genuinely happy @mattdroney44


@nhiatt7 what would be the point of a highlight reel if they showed all the plays that they messed up on? Everyones gotten dunked on and fucked up before

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