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Why did Bernard King choose to wear #30?

#NBAPlaymakers @austinjmills and @bonecollector6 got the scoop from BK himself!




Former Scoring Champion!


🤘🏻We all love you


@nittytcgf one of my favorites


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Holy crap! My grandma fell down the stairs on my story!




He definitely could get 30 whenever he felt like it.


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Bone collector had heat on them And 1 mixtapes.


King worth the Hall over wack ass grant hill


Kobe somewhere laughing his ass off


Can y’all tell Bonecollector to unblock me.
Dude had me blocked since 2016, and to this day, I still don’t know why


First time I’ve ever seen bone collector without a Durag on


Holy crap! My grandma fell down the stairs on my story!


@ewaveey I don't know the game ? Lmao Melo fans have no right to say that to anybody


@antonios_kasotakis4 just get irritated at some of the bandwagoners man 😂


Averaged those 42 on 60% shooting and not a single 3 pointer


Boom ping ping, fade away jumper like Benaaaard King.


@sixfour_ina_64 Melo has won more in his career than King ever did smh learn the game and he has spoken about winning I can tell you’re a social media fan u don’t really watch the game you’re like 15 log off


@ewaveey but he also said winning is the most important thing . Melo has never said the word winning in his life


bernard king done gained weight 😭


@sidvattamreddy Bernard King was 5 years away from retirement when Stephen Curry was sperm Drop the bandwagon bs come on


Magic,Bird and Bernard King. Thanks Kurtis Blow.


This dude was a beast and had the best game face ever


Thought that was Pusha T on the right


he wore 30 to honor his favorite player steph curry


40 a game 🤦🏼‍♂️


Y’all can’t love King but hate on Melo smh don’t let that go over your head.


Lowkey flex @quioto522 had to let em know he averaged 40 🤣


Love u from turkey

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