Josh Wade

Just when I thought @mountaindog1 couldn’t get me any grainier BOOM!! Peaking on point I’ll be sharp, full and super hard come tomorrow for the @mrolympiallc which will be my best showing to date! I’m happy, excited, energetic and better yet actually relaxed knowing I’m ready and we’ve done everything we can to have me at my best!
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Can’t complain , very Milos look abs


Showing off the results 💪






@szwhitted LOL everyone loves some abs😉


Look at over 15,000 views!!!💪👍💯 Work it!!


@rharrop2 Thanks Rob🙏🏻


Josh is awesome! 🙌


Hey man you looked ready up there. You did NOR-California proud.


I liked your photos :) Greetings from other side of the world 😊


routing for you dude. you did the wurk effort time blood sweat tears.. what ever the outcome stand tall. you deserve it. great job josh.


@man_who_lost_his_abs Thank you buddy glad I can be an inspiration just grinding everyday👊🏻


@abba_zabba14 😂😂😂 Grainy we call it😉


Your abs look like they have a second set of nipples lol You look AMAZING! 🤘🏼🤘🏼


You’re my hero. Job well done brother


Lookin mean buddy! You won’t need it but wishing you the Absolute best this weekend my friend!


This is dope🔥🍀🍀🔥😎🌪


This is dope🔥🍀🍀🔥😎🌪




👏👏👏 is your day man!! Congratulations


Hell yes!! You are ready to kill this!! You look insane!💪🏻👍🏻




Grain Train!💪🏾💯


Good luck Josh you def. earned it!!




Lol.... bro, fuckin looks like ur made of concrete @ifbbprojoshwade


Wonderful abs!💙


dude you look great


Wow!! 💪🏾


On point!! Go have some fun Josh!!👍💪💯


Look fricken great! Wish you the best of luck! Great representation of Roseville/Rocklin/Granite Bay!


Looking ridiculously good! Best conditioning there hands down!


So Fucking Gnarly Man!!!


You look awesome 👏 bone dry

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