“Loving my new harness from Also liking how my neck rolls look in it” writes @frenchie_jameson



@twonaughtybostons I want one!!! (Or several 😎😎). Plz Daddy can I haz??


So stylish!!






Love! 💕


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You look fantastic 😍




Being a Lucy & Co Dave(my JR) I really want to get one of these for Dave, do you ship to UK? All@your products are in $ also, can this be converted to £?




Is she? Check out her brow!!!




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@bsl3tt that is so fucking ugly 😂😂


@foodfestsltd for misty and scruffy?


@sarahawest84 aw! Omg! Totally! 🐶🐾💕


Looking snazzy 😂


Your rolls look great in that harness!


😍😍 Dapper 😍


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Omg @702.laurie I thought this was your furbaby lol


Hey! Check out our page. Much love natasha💕


Neck rolls on fleek


@_zarathefrenchie I am famous now. 😎😂


@_zarathefrenchie I am famous now. 😎😂

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