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Photo @stephen_matera // It is said that Mt. Rainier creates its own weather. You can see that happening here when, on a sunny day, a lenticular cloud forms as it passes over and around the 14,411' volcano. With almost 13,000 feet of vertical rise on the western side of the mountain, Mt. Rainier is thousands of feet bigger than anything else nearby. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Mt. Rainier National Park and around the world. #volcano #nationalpark #lenticularcloud #sunset

391,115 Mt Rainier National Park





Heaven on earth!




I could live with that photograph anywhere in the world and be thoroughly happy....


@thesilverbullet86 On the Kautz route it was first day to the wilson glacier which wasn't very far, we left paradise at like 1 or 2pm, got there at 4. Then day 2 was up to camp hazard. Day three was summit and all the way back down to wilson. Day 4 out.


@wewantsnacks how long did it take to get from paradise to summit?


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@kwikymart we need to go here


beautiful mirroring


🀩🀩🀩Amazing! 🀩🀩🀩


You don't say where it is


@lindseybud but I couldn’t see it lol


Love Mt. Rainier


Wow!! Beautiful!




Appear like a dream!!




Mention the country also




Too much photoshop




YES great picture!


Simply amazing!


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A glorious world within itself




Rajendershin chevda





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