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🆒Training with the coolest Surf PONCHO by @pakal_ethnicsurfponcho !!
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It's a new generation of style!
It's an original surf poncho by @pakal_ethnicsurfponcho!
It keeps you warm after a training or a race, covers you up while changing your wetsuit for dry cloths, and it’s practical for every situation.
It's characterized by high quality fabric, beautiful colors with exotic design from Mexico.
It was created by surfers but is perfect for a swimmer! .
👉How to buy it: http://www.pakal-shop.com/ .
The Pakal Etnik Surf Poncho was born thanks to the collaboration between a French and a Mexican team which mix the French culture of surfing in the west coast with the bright colours of the Mayan culture.
All the ponchos are made produced by artisans of Mayan backgrounds in Fred and minela’s shop in Yucatán, Mexico.
The main aim of this project is to propose a poncho which is the result of cultural exchanges and celebrates the love for the ocean.
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Bellissimo progetto, mi piace un sacco 💪


Complimenti, davvero una bellissima galleria 👏


@nunzio_cifarelli si è davvero ottimo! Dai un'occhiata alla loro pagina @pakal_ethnicsurfponcho 😊


Sembra veramente un ottimo prodotto!


Bello scatto 😘


Bei colori complimenti 👏🏻☺️


Enjoy the journey! ☀️


Bellissima foto complimenti


Have a great session!


Voglia di allenarsi 💪🏻🤩


@stranger_trips ti ringrazio! Dai un occhio alla loro pagina @pakal_ethnicsurfponcho 😊


Davvero bello! Ottimo per allenarsi😉


@takeiteasy_brand Grazie! Ti consiglio di dare un occhio a questa pagina @pakal_ethnicsurfponcho 😊


Fai venir voglia di allenarci 💪🏼


Beautiful colours! Good training my friend!💪


@gio.smith.00785 Yes, the colours are really beautiful!😊


This Poncho has awesome color @pakal_ethnicsurfponcho !😍


So beautiful! I love it! 💥

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