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The lives of women is a constant theme in Alison Wright's work. Her work as a humanitarian photographer has brought her to communities where the so-called "modern" world has barely infiltrated, places where traditional roles and rituals are the scaffolding of daily life. Wright, a fiercely independent American photojournalist, is drawn to the young women and girls of these communities. Decades earlier, Thomas Abercrombie chronicled the changing role of women in the Muslim world in the 1960s. His extensive coverage of the Middle East first exposed him to the tenets of Islam, which deeply resonated with him. For photographers Alison Wright and Thomas Abercrombie, shifting gender roles in evolving or endangered cultures are a driving theme in their body of work.




Take a pic infront of blind


Bonita foto, pero me da tristeza las dos imagenes


Imagem muito rica.


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@simonneuhauss were you able to see her eyes!!! , as a Muslim i can only say what I've learned from our Holly Book, Islam says wear decent as every other Holly book I've read but never says cover up to that extent, it is a society thing , not religion , I mean that thing she's putting on So stop blaming Islam for each and every bad thing in the World. For records I don't like Burqa also but if she's ok with it then I don't have the right to judge her




وای چه زیبایی بکری داره این گل دختر


Joder que ironía


Hola buenas noches, desde Colombia te extendemos un saludo. Hi!Greetings and hugs from Colombia #realmenteinviertes


@ayesha_huma that's not consent


@thejavedyarkhan Freedom of choice. Unfortunately women who are beaten and forced to stay in a marriage they no longer want to be a part of is called prisoner against ones will.


Amazing pic!


3 times caged


Humans can be so cruel.. In every way possible to where if you see it enough it becomes aceptable.. That's where Madness enters.. It depends what eyes your seeing it with




@martin_prenkocaj she is from Afghanistan


@martjie Quran, sorry not Koran. I also think in Iran and some other countries it is law for woman to wear a hijab if I’m not mistaken? If those women likes wearing the hijab, then they accept it, but they can only choose it if there is an alternative. There are many women who would prefer to go out wearing their hair in fashionable styles I am sure, but can’t do so due to family or pressure from society.




When you guys take these pictures, do y’all give it to the rightful owner of the picture as well? Or y’all take pictures for like 1 dollar and sell it for $100? How does this process work and how does the models benefit from this.


@martjie, well its a choice to me and all of my colleagues, friends, cousins, sisters and every girl I know. So to me it's more a choice than anything else. It's our religion, Idk why people have a problem when we peacefully practice it. If human rights are the thing, we got toTalk about women and children dying in Syria, Palestine and Burma not a burqa.


الكل سجين هنا...


tradition is one of way for peace in the world.


@ayesha_huma unfortunatly woman don’t always have a choice. I am 100% sure if this woman wanted to not wear it, and show off her beautiful hair instead, she would not be allowed to. It is not a choice if the person doesn’t have more than one option.


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