Louis Vuitton Official

This weekend, the public is invited to visit the #LouisVuitton Ateliers in France and Italy to discover the Maison’s unique savoir-faire for the #LVMH Journées Particulières. #JPLVMHxLouisVuitton #JPLVMH




Love ♥️♥️♥️😍


Lung linh quá




Ateliers in Italy? Where??


Wish I could join such a wonderful team and mayb come up with a design 😿 #dreamscostmoney




@barbie_cornavaca go speak with your lv rep...i had the same issue today and was offered a new purse the same day🤞🏽


Don't see a reason not to share it


I thought every stich was habdmade for this prices


Disappointed I missed this #lucky




Thank you Louis Vuitton for your warranty... paying so expensive price for no after sales service. I’ll give you nice publicity...


Wish I could go to this!


I wanna go




I want it too but how can I go inside LV Ateliers?


I wish that i live in france or italy so i was able to go😍






This makes me so sad @okamal not hand made🤭




@taaamiiii___ why we didddn‘t goooo



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