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Photo by Robbie Shone @shonephoto | In Ittoqqortoormiit we sat down to discuss options for sailing on with the boat. We had maps of Wegener Halvø peninsula, up-to-date satellite images showing the sea-ice extent and nautical charts with limited soundings. The satellite images showed that accessing the fjords around the peninsula was impossible because of the sea ice. In addition the nautical charts showed that there was limited information, meaning the true nature of the depth and terrain of the fjord was still rather a mystery. Onward travel to Wegener Halvø peninsula by boat seemed highly
unlikely at this point. We had to look at other options... @greenland_caves #EAGRE18

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Buen trabajo señores... Nuestro planeta tiene muchos misterios. Pero una aventura para conocerlo es mejor.




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Big shot! !and crew reading the maps and charts to accessing the fjords !!

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