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In the Mud | Photograph by Anirban Mandal
In India, mud wrestling is a fierce sport called Kushti. #YourShotPhotographer Anirban Mandal explains that the sport is actually a way of life, passed down from teacher to student while living in communal residences called akharas. He says, "The brotherhood of the men living in Akharas practice strict diet, discipline and sacrifice from distractions in order to prepare their bodies and minds, learning techniques, gathering strength and speed for the sport."

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Wonderful. Kushti is a Farsi name which same meaning .




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Stunning compositions


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@willsheps2 @abaicliff Rahul playing it up for national geographic


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I saw mud wrestling in Varanasi. Great capture!


@pitts_protography and if you look to the left side of the river, you can see Harper and josh in an intense round of Kushti, or ancient Indian mud wrestling. They have been practicing for weeks now with a strict diet of hamburgers, spaghetti, and deli sandwiches, gathering strength and speed for the sport.


Kushti 👌😂😳🙈😉




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Then from this mud are born Orcs 😂

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