Hi 👋 to all the new friends following along! Here’s a moment from Canada we won’t ever forget!
We woke up before the sun had risen in the loft of Conrad Kain Hut. Surrounding our group of 6 were another 20+ people who had come for a similar experience; to be away from society, in nature and enjoying some hiking and rock climbing. The 6 of us slowly and quietly stepped down the ladder then staircase carrying our sleeping bags outside to where we found a flat rock to huddle up on and watch the sun completely rise over this incredible backdrop

365 Bugaboo Provincial Park



@the_limitless_ones That’s awesome. We have one of their tents. Definitely one of our favorite companies. May need to check out their bags too! Thanks for letting us know!


@vantrails it was magical! It’s by @nemoequipment such a good bag!


Beautiful ❤


Lovely spot! What kind of bag is that? Looks so comfy!


So beautiful! What an amazing place to camp for the night 😍

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