Woke up to catch an insane sunrise in Bali, Low key already planning the trip back here. Who’s joining me? •

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575 Bali, Indonesia



Incredible photo!


BRO! Love this shot! Indonesia is on my list


@sterlinggrinnell it would depend on when you are going back


let’s go


I'm down but let's go to Japan too!


@lanilove_96 yesssss, for real wouldn’t it be dope tho?


@jevonanggie bro Jevon, you should for real come. I would be psyched


@countryhorse24 actually yeah I have friends there!


@countryhorse24 okay but for realllll


@multamediaboss bro you should’ve been there!


@sterlinggrinnell i am waiting to graduate, then we’re taking a big trip!


I’m in




I'm in!!


Hey Sterling, since you're in the area you should visit Guam


I would like to come


Now this is epic 💯🙌🏻


@hannahkaranicolas okay but which of you two is serious tho


@gnarly__carlee so down actually. But for real would u go tho


@olgaproductions no dude not at all😂😂


@sterlinggrinnell do you have a Polish background?


@thecharlottax ale bym Ci taką fotę cyknął... 😎😍


Sign me up 🤜🏻🤛🏻


Sickkkk bro ! ❤️🔥


@angelicaalmirol we talk about it but are we ever actually gonna do that? Like it’s gonna happen tho


@odyc16 bro for real. Bring that drone


@gloriaemm boom you get auto added to the list




sounds spicy^^


Dude this is insane!! 🔥🔥👌🏼


🙋🏽 let's meetup


thank you

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