Happy Friday Night everybody! I hope you all are having fun!! Even if you’re just sitting at home watching a movie on Netflix about Mandy Moore and another chick stuck in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. (It me!)




What a stunning shot! Texture for days 😍


this is so stunningggg💖


Love your feed!!! 🌸💕


This is amazing 😍


Oooh la la!💚💚💚


Oh the possibilities!! 💛💛💛


@darlingfraulein yay! Netflix for life!


@ms_hannah_e still cry every time. 😭


@corsets_and_crewnecks I plumping Lip Mask from @trulyorganic !!💖✨


@sweetlittleindulgences_ Netflix is my life. 🤣


@myglossyskin thanks Cathy! 💖


@theskincaredude_ I haven’t been stabbed yet but I thought that too! I would say just don’t go crazy on your lips with it though. lol


Super cute photo!


I am definitely getting this green and healthy glittery mask of sexiness!!


Such a cool shot!


Are the little stars stabby? 🙉 this blows my mind.




Such a cute picture 💕


So magical!! ✨😌


Hahaha happy Friday, love!! Bautiful pic 💖


Perfect as always Girl! 💖 wish I was netflixing right now!


There’s something so satisfying about this picture 😍


Gorgeous shot, Star! Stars for Star, lovely! ⭐️


That texture and glitter 😍


side note: how good was a walk to remember


This is gorgeous!!


Soooo prettyyyyy! 😍💕 I hope you enjoy your amazing night Netflixing! I’m doing the exact same thing 😂


Happy friday night!


That is the most stressful movie ever.
I loooove all the sparkles!😍


Literally our fave Friday nights!



OOOH it’s so pretty! ✨✨✨


This is stunning! 😍

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