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Hi, i was looking for some beats for one of my friends and your profile just popped up. ur tunes are fire. my friend @desitrapgod is a rapper and is creating a buzz here in india. he has some big projects planned for the 2019 and he been looking for some hard af trap beats. if you are paypal ready and got some trap tunez, dm him with your work.


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Hi :) sch�ner
Beitrag. H�r dir mal mein Rap an :)


Makin me look bad #lol


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Yo if you appreciate good music nd for some reason your not following @simply_heza im sorry to say it but you’re sleeping, its time to wake up. The guy is going to be known as the worlds best artist by 2023. Lyrical yet catchy af. I told him i can get 10k-15k followers by july of 2019. That being said we made a bet nd if i win he said he will give me 10percent of everything he makes until 2025. Help me become rich follow the kid @simply_heza


@kersen_taart really grateful amigo 💪


@jesselives 💪💪🙏🙏very grateful,i'm willing to when You want my brother💣


👍 Good job, if you want we can share the post. Link in my bio.


One time for the culture! 🎤🎶 Most def gotta show love to this one!




you got some TALENT man i like your work




Super ton profil! Si tu aimes l'afrotrap viens faire un tour sur ma page pour une belle surprise! 💥💥


i like it 🙌


Been thru to work and Yo shit too good I tell ya.. Too good 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 Every little detail!! Ayy hope dont mind leaving me feedback on my music too fam 😊


Keep itt up I fckz with it 🔥🔥🔥


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