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It’s been a while since our last Sunny Sun-mat Post so here’s to freshly “cut” strawberries 🍓 flowers we picked from our garden and warm pancakes on this Spring morning. What’s your traditional Sunday? Is it pancakes or do you have something else you love to do? Holly’s now named today as pancake Sunday 😋🥞 #scenesfromourdoorstep #sundaypancakes




@thebushbush_family They’re the best aren’t they 😊


Awwww cute coincidence, we also have a pancake Sunday 🙌🏼🥞😊


@the_hollytree Ohh! I need to try them. I’d love the recipe, but I’m checking out her feed now and it all looks so yummy. 😋☺️


@the_hollytree 😘😘 too kind xx


@itsmotherland I’m a tad obsessed at the moment 🧡🧡🧡


@kombilife oh thanks lovely 🧡


@mrsautumnholland thank you hunny 🧡


@simplystoked__ hey hunny try the ones from @mrsheemskerk book they’re healthy and super easy to do 👌🏼 I can send you the recipe but the book has so many amazing recipes I’m sure you’ll love x


@luxe_everyday oh really 😂 have I perfected a signature edit now 🙊


@dimadooma yes it’s pretty common in Australia that’s why I’m interested to see what everyone else does 😊


@fivelittlebirds they’re still our favs ❤️


@the_hollytree I never tried it it seems to weird and crazy 😅


Yay for strawberries 🍓


Aww that’s a cute idea to have pancakes in Sunday’s! 🌹


I knew this was a Kim original even before I saw the name! 👌🏻


I like to do pancakes too. But today’s were a fail. We tried to do healthy ones - the first batch burnt and so I was determined with the second. But the girls stuck their tongues out at it and didn’t touch any of them! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Maybe we’ll try again next Sunday haha.


This is everything amazing. 😍


I love your picture sooooooo much 👌🏼


@thuie yum I tried it once and gosh it was hard to get through the whole meal 😂 or even bacon and waffles are worth a shot too 🙌🏼


@the_hollytree that's my hubbyss choice, bacon with pancakes always 🤣🤣


Loving all these pretty orange colours 🙌🏻


@thuie maple syrup bacon on pancakes 🥓🥞🤤 try it! 😃👌🏼




Sundays is pancakes over here too! Well for hubby anyways..I'm a savory bacon kind of girl

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