“14 years ago, I remember picking up my brothers from their last day of school. We had a plan to drive out to the country and look at puppies from a classified ad in the newspaper, specifically a black male Cocker Spaniel BUT things quickly changed when he spotted the tiny golden pup that quickly came up to play with us. I spent what little money I had as a poor college student and left with her. Our parents had no idea until they saw her sitting at the top of the stairs when they came home and they immediately fell in love. We named her Summer, because it was the first day of summer vacation... and she’s been a loyal family member ever since.
Yesterday, we said goodbye to Summer. She waited long enough for all three boys to come back home to send her off. You’ll always be our guard dog and part of the family. Thank you for blessing us with your companionship. Rest easy Summer girl ❤️❤️ May you feast on all the good food heaven has to offer.” writes @broken_dapper of & @caferacersofinstagram // Rest In peace sweet Summer!






Sending your family prayers. Furries are a true blessing.


@gloriagauto17 mira mamá 😍😅💕


I love you, Summer!


Look at DM please 🔥 💸






Sorry to hear 😭 RIP SUMMER ❤️

Thank you for posting such awesome photos! We love it! 👊👊👊


Tuve a mi Cocker Homero. Vivió 17 años ... Hace un año y medio q partió y todavía lloro al recordarlo...No habrá otro igual !


@rycanada_32 I want this one


I’m sorry for your loss


Those ears ❤️ 😪 be well, Summer doggo.


That's curious




@em.mcgreg so sad 😥


Aww this made me well up. Sorry for your loss 😢🐕❤


She'll live on in your heart and memories. God bless you while you make your way through the loss of your beloved Summer.


@aclancyr the best babies 💗💙💗


Beautiful Story. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet Summer. ♥️


@quimnet64 correction:"I've been THROUGH all that..."


Goodbye Summer 😩💔🐾 it’s been over a year and I still miss my baby pupp


@jesslhuffman im not crying, you’re crying. Ok im crying 😭


She will still be playing


Nice dog 💕💕💕💕

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